Our Story

Our Story

HannaBe was conceived in Singapore 2015 to SHARE Our Love for good quality sustainable children’s clothing; not compromising on design, and of course, the ease and comfort for the little ones.

Our Products

Our products are specially selected 100% organic cotton to provide the best comfort.

We use Biodegradable, Recyclable packaging materials.

Our Cause

As a social responsibility cause for children, and promoting fair trade – For each of our products sold, we donated half of our products to charities throughout Asia

Among the many charities we have donated in our cause, we have provided to:

  • Safe Place

Safe Place empowers women and families with unsupported pregnancies to make life-giving choices. They provide case management, counselling, pre- and post-natal equipping, temporary accommodation services, community networks and referrals.

For more information www.safeplace.org.sg