We have been blessed with two very wonderful children, Coco and Bobo, and both children are born with very sensitive skin; even the smallest trace of chlorine treated nappies or alcohol wipes could result to a painful outbreak of eczema. And after trying/testing various products, doing the very best we can to avoid steroids, we eventually found the best solution for them – GOING ORGANIC!

Going organic has done wonders for us. However, most of you will also agree with me that any item tagged with the word, “Organic”, comes with a hefty price tag. Food, Toiletries, Soap, Nappies, you name it! The hardest part above all these, to come into terms paying for expensive organic clothing.

So, after months of researching, studying and resourcing, we decided to go ahead to materialize our idea of producing our own line of organic clothing, collected some samples, snipped and pinned some fabrics, and voila, (!!!) we created HannaBe.

HannaBe reciprocates the love we have for our children in our bespoke products carefully selected for you and your precious ones.

Our Products

Why Organic?

Our garments and swaddles are made with luxuriously soft, 100% Organic Cotton Certified by Global Organic Textile Standards board (GOTS), which means that these cotton are grown without the use of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers etc. Because of its soft texture and wholesome quality, our products are highly recommended for infants and children with sensitive skin.

Our Prints and Patterns

Children are born free spirited with limitless imagination!

At HannaBe, we seek to compliment the creative and positive energy that children bring into our lives. Many things that children love inspire our unique fabric patterns. They are vibrant, full of colours and exciting, which represents out thoughts of the vast characteristics and personalities that children portray.


We love fun and happy prints!

Our clothing patterns on the fabrics are individually handmade using water-based inks that are made from water, using water as the main solvent. As the fabric easily adsorbs the inks, it leaves on a thinner softer printing texture. This process is eco-friendly, allows the fabric to be significantly more breathable and retaining the soft hand feel of the cotton.

All of our clothes are also hand-made from scratch (including cutting and dying) so there can be slight variations in the finishing of the products. We can assure that each piece of clothing is made with extra care that has comfy seams with long lasting durability!


We advocate in bring a responsible supplier by promoting fair trade and anti-child labour. Apart from these, we also choose to use biodegradable/recyclable and recycled products as our packaging materials.

By doing so, we hope to do our part in creating a more socially cautious and responsible society as well as to set a good example for future generations to come.


The swaddles are produced by digital printing technology using reactive dyes. Reactive dyes are a class of highly coloured organic substances, primarily used for tinting textiles by attaching themselves to their substrates (fabrics). This water-soluble dye has much better wash and light fastness properties, retaining their original colour enduring washes after washes. Most importantly, due to the nature of the dyes, we manage to maintain the organic quality of the Muslin Cotton we intended them to be.

Price Friendly

Because good things should be made affordable for everyone and we also believe that every child deserves the best!

To maintain the low cost, we have made every effort to keep our cost low by not leasing a retail space, bought our patterns that are readily available from designers direct, as well as sourcing our materials and production companies independently; this also means that we penny pinched on third party agent fees and a lot on logistic costs. Hence, affordable, practical, without compromising comfort and style. Our apparel look good and feel great – just as our kids!