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My husband and I often speak fondly of our future plans, on how we should give up all materials and move to the countryside with a huge plot of land.

We also giggled about rearing some sheep, horses and a pair of giraffes; just because they are our daughter’s favourite.

Our dogs and children will be doing what they do best, running free!

Just another HannaBe’s dream…


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The art of swaddling is an age-old technique, hand-down by generations of parents.

In the early weeks of life, it is important to keep your baby warm and snug until your baby’s internal thermostat kicks in. Swaddling can also aid in calming an over-stimulated baby, as well as preventing them from suffering from disturbed sleep caused by their own startle reflex.

By swaddling your baby, you will create a sensation that mirrors the tightness, warmth and security of the Mother’s Womb.

Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, our swaddles are 120cm x 120cm in dimensions.

Our recommendation how to use your Organic Muslin Swaddle 

· Bath Towel

· Burp Cloth

· Changing Pad

· Lovely Blanket

· Nursing Cover

· Sun Shade

· Swaddle

· Tummy Time Mat

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